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These are, for the most part, not the gilded frames that surround paintings in museums. These are the frames that were made by talented framemakers from the early s to the Art Deco s. I began to collect old frames years ago when I wanted to display pieces in my collection. I didn’t want new frames that had no historical connection with the pieces being framed. In my research, I found very few books that illustrated wood frames that were painted to resemble expensive woods, others that used oak and walnut, and some with gesso designs. If you are interested in getting a superb, antique frame to hold that special piece in your collection, check out the Frame Gift Shop section A s sign from a photographer who also dealt in picture frames. For a frame collector, it is always nice to collect a few go-withs. A s photograph of the interior of a picture framing shop. An trade card for a framer working in Philadelphia, mounted in a ca.

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This work has includedmaking a new set of crankpins, a full set of tyres and quartering, as well as turning all journals an thrust faces. The SDR is a specialist in this field and we are delighted with the work done. We have converted the rusting old set of wheels from , together with an entirely new fourth axle wheelset, into a brand new set of wheels for suitable to meet the requirements of running on the mainline. It has been a slow and expensive process but we have finally achieved our objective.

Antique and Reproduction Picture Frames: Quick Identification Tips for the Beginner. Posted on June 19, by Christian Trabue. Antique frames have recently seen a surge in popularity. However, there are times when a high quality reproduction picture frame costs more than an original antique.

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On gold ground panel. In London, I look out for labels from dealers such as The Fine Art Society and Richard Green , although there are several names that are key players in the market. Exhibition labels are also important to look for: An exhibition label can also lead us to original reviews, allowing us to see how a painting was first received, which is always interesting, and a good addition to catalogue notes. They offer a fascinating insight into previous owners, with an interesting owner having a positive effect on value.

Wood Canvas Frames You already know to measure for the size of your wood frame, but another aspect to consider when framing paintings or photography is depth. Our beautiful canvas-depth wood frames push your art into the conversation, making it an active element in the room.

Do not use without written permission. Collecting picture frames, from the s and after, has only recently become popular. A few years ago, frames, with exceptions of the ornate, the early or the unusual, would be thrown in a box in an antique shop or flea market and priced at a few dollars. Those days are almost gone. More dealers are familiarizing themselves with the demand for quality picture frames and charging and getting what the market will bear.

Picture frames draw the eye to and beautify a picture as they separate the picture from its surroundings. But the wrong frame can overwhelm the image and look tacky. The evolution of a frame surrounding a picture has occurred over a period of about years, although common usage has only been around for about years. The concept of what a frame is supposed to be also keeps expanding.

It becomes more than a border surrounding a picture. The right frame pulls you into to the picture and highlights it.

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Indeed, the word ‘miniature’ comes from the Latin word ‘miniare’. This means ‘to colour with red lead’, a practice that was used for the capital letters. From the s hand-written books had to compete with printed books. At the same time, however, wealthy patrons demanded a wider range of luxury goods.

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Share this article Share One example is a 17th Century portrait I found at a country auction. When I first saw it, I just thought the subject was a strikingly beautiful woman in a low-cut dress, her left breast half-exposed. I liked the painting and bought it. But I noticed something odd. Could it have been added later? Restoration work removed this drapery to reveal the picture as it had been originally: It was a significant find.

I already knew the portrait was by an artist from the studio of Sir Peter Lely, the painter to the English Court. The fully exposed breast indicated that the woman was as close to the Monarchy as could be: A revealed breast, as Nell Gwynn proved in other portraits, was unwritten code for a Royal mistress.

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A Brief Overview of the Evolution of Vermeer’s Technique with Respect to his Stylistic Evolution Vermeer’s oeuvre can be divided into four relatively distinct stylistic phases. History Paintings “Vermeer’s early history paintings , which in many respects are hard to reconcile with his later works, provided him with a broadness of vision and of execution that no other genre painter of the period possessed.

His coloring too was relatively bold, but lighting conventionally conceived. The evident build-up of paint creates a dense and uneven surface accentuating the material presence of the subjects although repeated overpainting provide evidence of technical uncertainty. These earlier history paintings are much larger than the most part of the later interiors. The fluency and technical proficiency of Christ in the House of Martha and Mary strikes an odd note among these early paintings.

Collecting Picture and Photo Frames is the best book for those interested in old frames. It covers all styles such as Eastlake, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Folk Art, Tramp Art, Rustic Style, all types of wood and painted finishes from the period to about

Friday, December 11, The reasons why frames for art change over time I learned a few new things about framing art while writing this week’s blog post Do frames help to sell art? Today’s post is also about framing and shares some facts you might not be aware of. You can find the references to articles read in arriving at a wider knowledge of framing and framing choices at the end of the article.

The purpose of a frame A frame has four main purposes. The type of wood and the design of the frame – and the way the wood is jointed and bonded – tells us a lot about where a frame comes from, the age of a frame and the expertise of the person who made it. Frames Change Frames change for four reasons: Consequently where the painting has survived, it’s very often the case that its frame has survived too. There were three types of frames: It’s a more unusual approach to framing.

The entire construction was then painted with gesso before the painting was started.

Frame identification by frame number

A traditional painting is constructed, in order from bottom to top, of the support, ground, paint, and coating. The majority of paintings are on either fabric or a wooden panel. Fabric supports are stretched over stretchers with keys flat triangular wedges, traditionally wooden in the corners to adjust the tension of the fabric and to prevent bulges and creases.

The ground provides a smooth surface for the paint and serves as a “sponge” to absorb excess binding media of the paint.

The frame is a work of art in and of itself whereas a stretcher is a part of a painting. Paintings may not have frames on the front but paintings on canvas almost .

Old frames previously tossed in the dump heap are now being fought over by dealers from trendy Manhattan art galleries. Vintage frames date from the s into the 20th century. Identifying and dating antique frames is an art form in itself. Check on the back of the antique frame for a maker’s mark and date. Many artist-craftsman who made early frames just like violin makers signed and dated their frames. Also look for labels by the frame companies.

This will give you the company name and location. The company may still be in existence or you may find the time period they were in operation in old city directories. Look at the artwork that is in the frame such as a vintage print. Hold the magnifying glass over the bottom right and left areas of the print and look carefully for a date. Sometimes the date will be below the artist’s name and will only be indicated by the last two digits, such as “92” for If you locate a date for the print, this will give a general idea of the era and decade in which the frame was made.

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