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Translated by Redditor kgskippy Weather will come in the game. Rain is something that happens frequently and will be added. Large waves will not be implemented, not practical for gameplay. Several difference reworks are being tried to counter players who run into the edge of the map. Spotting system for XP will be implemented in the future. System involving tanking damage as well as covering allies in smoke will be worked on for XP. Subs are in consideration but no promises.

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La Tabla de Matchmaker. Algunos lo consideran tan malo como TeamKill. No hagas malos pelotones. Esto es especialmente pertinente al evaluar tanques premium, ya que muchos de ellos tienen matchmaking preferencial.

If you have any lingering doubts, keep in mind the Type 59 won’t make it to the Chinese branch, and comes with preferential matchmaking seeing up to tier IX battles! Happy Lunar New Year, tankers! PS4 Tankers: the Chinese tech tree will be coming this year, so you can add this Silver-earning vanguard to your arsenal, and get a head start in.

Those annoying gold tanks At several points in the past weeks I have come across in World of Tanks people complaining about the Type 59 Chinese tank, a tier 8 medium tank bought for gold thus real money. People who don’t drive one often find these gold tanks “overpowered”, based on having had problems against such tanks in battles. That is curious insofar as gold tanks are actually weaker than regular tanks that are fully equipped, because gold tanks only come in a stock variety that can’t be upgraded.

Thus at the same tier and type of tank, you can find better tanks, stat for stat, among the regular tanks. So why do people complain about the gold tanks? Is it just jealousy or a general hate against paid-for content? It turns out that many people have a very wrong image about what kind of player is driving those gold tanks.

They think that tier 8 gold tanks are driven by newbies who couldn’t wait for leveling up their tanks the regular way.

Gewinnt einen Type 59 zum 5ten Geburtstag von WoT Europa

March 27, , Planning to add garage battles with limited respawn, e. Armura frontala a lui T ?

The Type 59 was not originally fitted with the infrared searchlight or main gun stabilization of the T The Type 59 has a conventional post-war layout with the fighting compartment at the front, an engine compartment at the rear, and a cast dome-shaped gun turret in the centre of the hull.

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Does the plan require lower benefits?

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Type 59 video review covering the main vehicle characteristics and its combat behavior. Chinese medium tank. Initially, the vehicle was a copy of the Soviet medium TA tank.

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Type 59

Bei einer angenommenen Durchschnittszeit von 5 Minuten je Spiel sind das fast Stunden. Am besten noch Gold-Munition geladen und man knackt so gut wie jeden Gegner mit einem einzelnen Treffer. XD 1 mal bearbeitet, zuletzt am Das wird wieder super Nehmen wir ihren wortgewordenen Trip unter die Lupe: Die Premium-Panzer sind keinen Deut besser.

Matchmaking. The composition of tanks in each team is a task of matchmaker. It works in following manner. It takes one tank from the queue and looks at his tier.

Es ist mal wieder richtig herlich dieses Headshotfeeling aus den alten Shooterzeiten zu bekommen: Zitat von d a2cf79f26f a Den Crusader habe ich noch nicht. Allerdings macht Deine Bemerkung auch wenig Lust auf den Crusader. Gibt es auch gute Briten? Bisher prall ich oft am Black Prince ab. Der platzt so schnell. Die neuen Matildas sehe ich selten, also sind die wohl nicht der Bringer. Das Teil beschleunigt halt nicht wirklich gut, Panzerung nicht vorhanden mit praktisch jedem Treffer geht iwas kaputt , den Kanonen fehlts an Alpha bzw.

Zitat von Gaffer mit der hummel habe ich wohl gerade einfach nur einen schlechten run. Sowas kenn ich nur zu gut Denke es liegt nicht an dir, sondern am Game. Mit Ansage hab ich Gegner reihenweise zur Verzweiflung gebracht, da das Geschoss meist dort einschlug wo es hin sollte. KA warum, aber ab einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt war das so bei mir so. Ich werde den Verdacht net los, das das so gewollt ist von WG:

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But this fast and simple method eliminates that entire cost and lets you save thousands over your lifetime on battery costs. Unfortunately these batteries don’t last permanently. The good thing is that you can extend the life span of these cells by using a couple of simple to undertake methods. By finding out how to recondition standard rechargeable electric batteries, you’ll save a little cash.

Tier 6 and 7 tanks getting put into tier 8 games much more than they should, and tier 8’s facing tier 10’s more than they should since someone.

The Services may permit you to acquire and accumulate certain virtual goods as made available by Wargaming. Virtual Goods constitute a limited, non-transferable, revocable right to use features of the Services when, as, and if allowed by Wargaming and solely as governed by and permitted under these Terms of Service. Subject to these Terms of Service, Virtual Goods may be exchanged for access to upgraded features, may be exchanged for other Virtual Goods, or used in connection with other features made available by Wargaming through the Services.

For avoidance of doubt, Virtual Goods are not redeemable or refundable for any sum of money or monetary value from Wargaming or any third party at any time; provided, however, if and to the extent that any Virtual Goods are determined by applicable law to constitute real world currency or property, then they are the property of Wargaming. This essentially states that even though you bought premium tanks with your money, you still understand and consented to the fact that the game, all its contents and information are WarGamings property and can do what they want with it.

They still own your tanks and your account. Dont bite the hand that feeds you. Edited by reptilesr1ke, 09 February –

World of Tanks Type 62 – 10 Kills 5,5K Damage