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The guns were used to threaten people, seized at gang hangouts, discovered in drug houses, possessed illegally by convicted felons, hidden in a stolen car and taken from a man who was committed because of erratic behaviour. The AP did not look at how many of the resold guns figured in crimes committed out of state, so the actual number of misused weapons could be higher. Jeff Schneider of the Yakima Police Department, which sold guns until about a decade ago but now melts them down. On the other side of the debate, some law enforcement officials say the selling of guns raises money to purchase crime-fighting equipment, and if the practice were abandoned, people would just buy weapons somewhere else. In fact, a growing number of states from Arizona to North Carolina are passing laws prohibiting agencies from destroying guns. The debate is playing out in Washington state, where the State Patrol is pushing back against a state law that requires the agency to auction off or trade most guns.

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July 10, at Please get an understanding of white supremacy because then you will realize black people were not ever supreme at javk and currently are not supreme at a dang thing! When blacks folks are good here in the U. S than I can concern myself with others movements. Black people have wasted far too much time co signing other groups movements all the while our community has fallen apart.

Aug 06,  · The daughter of two Tulsa police officers turned in her parents, saying her dad shot her boyfriend to death in the street and then fired at her as she cowered behind a bush.

Don’t turn into a BBQBecky or PermitPatty and weaponize your phone by calling the cops on a black person for no real reason. Ettel became the subject of viral outrage Saturday when she appeared to call the police to report an 8-year-old black girl “illegally” selling water on a San Francisco street. The girl’s mom posted video of that apparent phone call to Instagram, and Ettel later told HuffPost she “pretended” to report the incident to the police.

And while Ettel claimed that confrontation had “no racial component to it,” the scene is yet another reminder that some white people contact the police like one calls a customer service hotline. In this case, they’re ready to demand that their local government put a black person back in their place — and they expect results. Alison Ettel, the woman who threatened to call the cops on a child, told HuffPost she acted out of stress, feels horrible, but also feels “discriminated against.

This behavior has deep historical roots and should be condemned by law enforcement as a nuisance. In the meantime, it’s clear that white people inclined to call authorities to report mundane or so-called suspicious behavior need an intervention.

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During each of these stop and frisk encounters, the right of individuals to be free from arbitrary and unwarranted intrusions by government authorities coincides with the duty of those agents to prevent crime and apprehend criminals. Achieving an appropriate balance between the right and the duty presents a challenge for any metropolitan police force. The current situation presents a formidable dilemma. On the one hand, it is well settled that individuals are entitled to be free from arbitrary police encroachments on their privacy.

By the time a partner is calling the cops, it’s time to split up, and go your separate ways. Communication has broken, as has trust. There is an inability to resolve conflicts, and that is a .

There are three basic types of encounters with the police: Conversation, Detention, and Arrest. Conversation When the cops are trying to get information, but don’t have enough evidence to detain or arrest you, they’ll try to weasel some information out of you. They may call this a “casual encounter” or a “friendly conversation”. If you talk to them, you may give them the information they need to arrest you or your friends.

In most situations, it’s better and safer not to talk to cops.

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City should help cops earn college credits on the job Posted: May 12, – The latest example of that is his signing off on Police Commissioner Richard Ross’ request to ditch college credit requirements for police recruits. It was disturbing enough that Ross would suggest ending a good policy that his predecessor, former Commissioner Charles Ramsey, originated to make the Police Department more professional.

Oct 15,  · Cops used ‘Big Blue’ dildo to harass men and women, so town says lawsuit should be tossed. Updated October 15, It detailed alleged misconduct dating to .

Blue Lives Matter bills that would increase the penalties for attacking police are popping up in states and Congress. Supporters of such legislation argue that targeted attacks on cops are on the rise and that politicians need to take a stand against such violence. Critics counter that the bills dilute the meaning of a hate crime and detract from the more widespread issues of excessive use of force and racial discrimination by police. Police Officers Shot in All. In Louisiana, getting convicted of a hate crime could mean up to five more years in prison for felonies or an extra six months for misdemeanors.

The hate crimes mentioned in the new law include rape, arson, assault with a firearm and manslaughter. So far, data collected by the FBI don’t show an uptick in deadly assaults on police officers. Last year, 41 officers were intentionally killed in the line of duty by suspects, which was not only a decline from but also the second lowest total in 12 years. But police leaders still worry about targeted officer killings, motivated by anger over discriminatory policing. And it’s possible that the FBI statistics don’t capture the full story.

The Fraternal Order of Police, a national union, supports the Louisiana law and wants Congress to go further by expanding the federal definition of hate crimes to add police as a protected group. Steven Arentz, who introduced a bill that died in committee, has similar sentiments. He said his hate crime bill, which he plans to file again next year, would serve as a public education tool.

The league still supports the idea of increasing penalties for crimes against police, but it doesn’t believe an amendment to hate crime laws is the way to do it.

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Would you like to merge this question into it? MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? MERGE exists and is an alternate of. And having a “criminal record” doesn’t always mean that you are still a criminal.

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Wayne Star After work, when Wayne isn’t climbing in the mountains he is brewing beer, making music, skiing, hunting, working out, or dating girls who can keep up. Teacher, firefighter, cop, mountain guide and florist are all hats that Wayne has worn with pride. If you answer wrong you can earn a ticket, an ass kicking, jail or all three. Everyone thinks they know what to do but, having worn a badge for over five years, I can say with authority that knowing a few things can definitely help you avoid trouble.

First, a little about me. No, I never shot anyone but my partners did. I had my share of fights and pursuits, which I always won. I never experienced any of the ratchetness that you see on YouTube except when female officers came out to play. In most cases, the officer has had extensive training in legally getting you to do as he wishes without even touching you. He has also dealt with your exact same crime dozens of times over his career and has heard every single explanation and lie you could imagine.

He runs through scenarios in his head all day long, pre-planning how he will kill you when the time comes.

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What Can the Police Do? While you may be hesitant or afraid to call the police, they may be able to help and protect you when you need it the most. Stop the abuse long enough for you to escape to a safe place.

The police and dating violence Victoria Police guidelines say they have to take any form of family violence seriously – this includes violence from a boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner – including a same-sex partner.

Eddie Johnson changed course to take six officers and a sergeant off the street. Johnson had taken the stage for a City Club speech Thursday afternoon touting good-news crime statistics and efforts to rebuild community trust — a message he had to deliver only about two hours after a judge wiped out the convictions of 15 men whose cases were tainted by police misconduct. Watts was sentenced to 22 months in prison for stealing money from a drug courier who was working as an FBI informant.

Tepfer filed a page petition two months ago outlining misconduct allegations dating back to the early s, including four cases in which judges threw out convictions after ruling it was likely the defendants had been framed by Watts and other members of his tactical team. Seven officers — six of whom still appear to be on the CPD payroll — signed off on reports in those cases, and another four officers have been mentioned in other questionable cases, the filing states.

At least one of the exonerated men, Leonard Gipson, said that officers on Watts crew still harass him to this day. The Watts case also has haunted top brass in the department. The city admitted no wrongdoing as part of the settlement, which was reached after a federal judge ruled that Mayor Rahm Emanuel might have to testify.

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Should I call the cops? What will they do? Will calling them just make things worse? Most people get nervous about calling the police. But if you are in danger, they are there to protect you.

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