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You may already know that she is the lovely and beautiful wife of His Royal Highness Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, who is second in line of succession to the throne after his father, Charles, the Prince of Wales. She is also the mother of Prince George and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge and is currently pregnant with the couple’s third child. However, aside from the Duchess’ royal life, how much do you know Kate Middleton? Her complete and full name is Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, a commoner known by the public who got married to a royalty. Despite the fact that she is not born royal, Kate Middleton came from a privileged and wealthy family. Yes, she may be a commoner but the Middletons are also rich. The Duchess, her parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, and her siblings, Pippa and James, were once a private family. Since Kate is now the wife of the Prince, the Middletons have become less private.

Kate Middleton and Prince William kept us guessing for eight long years Online

Dubbed ”Waity Katie” for her patience as she waited for her Prince to pop the question, after a long courtship, Kate is to finally become a bride, a royal wife and one day Queen. He reportedly calls her ”Babykins”, while he is apparently her ”Big Willie”. Kate’s wealthy middle class background differs greatly from the elite aristocratic circle of European princesses often earmarked as potential brides for William. But despite her lack of blue blood, sensible Kate’s down to earth nature and mature outlook have her pegged as an ideal royal consort.

2. They were friends before Prince William reportedly saw Kate walk in a fashion show and he was a fan. 3.

It was the moment our future King married his Queen consort — and the whole nation got to revel in the celebrations as the Queen granted us all a Bank Holiday for the occasion. Kate and Wills — or the William, the Duke Of Cambridge and Katherine, the Duchess Of Cambridge, as they are formally known — had been together for seven years when they married. Kate flashes Pippa a grin as she enters Westminster Abbey Picture: The first glimpse of the bride Kate and her family stayed at five-star The Goring Hotel the night before the royal wedding.

Situated on a side street a short walk from Buckingham Palace and just over a five-minute drive to Westminster Abbey, Kate only had a short journey to her groom on the morning of her wedding. As the car left The Goring, a beaming Kate and her father, Michael Middleton, waved to crowds who had gathered along the route.

Prince William and Kate Middleton don’t have full legal custody of their children

It was very romantic laughs. There’s a true romantic in there. So you said yes, obviously? And you knew you were going to do this from day one of the holiday or you waited until the end?

I saw Prince William and Kate Middleton graduate. An old video of Kate Middleton and Prince William graduating from college is going viral and I was weirdly there that day.

I remember it well — there was a lot of gossip that Prince William was well on his way to proposing to Kate in the Spring of , and then the word spread that they had in fact split. By the end of the summer of , they were back on, however. But there are lots of different variations of the reconciliation story.

Some sources claim that Kate was very clever and she kept herself in the public eye with lots of public outings, ensuring that Prince William would see her and realize that he missed her. Some sources have Kate nursing a broken heart and William feeling like a tool, and thus, deciding to get back with her. In April of , Kate Middleton and Prince William took a two-month break from their three year relationship.

She texted and called to check up on him nonstop.

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Share via Email Thrown together: Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton. A couple of what, you may be asking — but you would only be misunderstanding for comic effect, because the allegation put to OK! This stuff does occasionally happen. In the case of mine, it never came up. Anyway, Kate is said by OK!

Kate Middleton and Prince William are one of the most famous couples in the world. Their faces, along with those of their children, extended family and friends .

Middleton attended an English-language nursery school. She boarded part-weekly at St Andrew’s in her later years. She also worked until January at the family business in catalogue design and production, marketing, and photography. Two newspaper groups, News International , which publishes The Times and The Sun ; and the Guardian Media Group , publishers of The Guardian , decided to refrain from publishing paparazzi photographs of her.

The couple decided to break up during a holiday in the Swiss resort of Zermatt. Middleton and her family attended the Concert for Diana in July at Wembley Stadium , [46] where she and Prince William sat two rows apart.

April 29, Kate Middleton Married Prince William

Royal watchers say Prince William and Kate have a secret agreement to marry someday — and that his family adores her “etiquette and style. While rumors of an imminent en gagement have generated frenzied tabloid coverage in Britain and America, Middleton herself re mains a mystery. Who is Kate Middleton? Andrews in Scot land. The two have been together for seven years.

May 06,  · Did Kate Middleton used the law of attraction to marry prince William? I heared that Kate Middleton used to have posters of Prince William in her dorm room before she got to know him, do you think that this is the law of attraction that made her marry him?Status: Resolved.

The royal wedding procession: House of WindsorHouse of Windsor family tree. The following year he spent traveling before enrolling at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where he would study art history , social anthropology, and geography. Having been exposed to charitable activities early in his life, he devoted the year to volunteering in Chile , working at a British dairy farm, and visiting Belize and various African countries.

In William graduated from St. Andrews with a degree in geography, and the following year he entered the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst; he received his commission in the Household Cavalry in Harry briefly served in Afghanistan , however. In William went on attachment to the Royal Air Force and then to the Royal Navy , so that he could gain experience in all three major branches of the armed services. William ranks among the most popular figures of the royal family. Much like his father, William is an avid sportsman.

Her siblings include a sister, Philippa Pippa , and a brother, James. The success of that venture, along with a family inheritance, allowed them to send Catherine to a prep school and then to the prestigious Marlborough College in Wiltshire, England.

How long have Prince William and Kate Middleton been together

The wedding is scheduled to take place in Some people are happy at the news, while others have received it with skepticism, due to past scandals that plagued the royal family. Prince Charles is sometimes teased for the size of his ears. He also stated he does not believe William and Kate’s marriage would last. Broadbent has since apologized.

At first I thought to myself “I’m going to shut my mouth about this subject.

The Start of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Love Story. By ASHLEY PESKOE. April 12, 0 Shares; Email because, at the time, she was dating a fourth-year student called Rupert Finch.

I was 13 at the time at the time and the interview were Charles was evasive about being in love with Diana stuck with me. I watched parts of the wedding but understood it was an arrangement. I imagine lots of people did. They barely knew each other. I feel sorry for poor Wills. He dumped her numerous times and like a little, desperate puppy, she kept coming back to him. She is not a saint. She is not blind to William’s status or, more importantly, his money.

She is rich, but she isn’t filthy rich like the royal family. Hate did quite well for herself and Pippa was showcased by the family at her sister’s wedding. Charles realized that Diana was totally unsuitable for him and wanted to stop “dating” her.

Meet the 5 Other Women Who Stole Prince William’s Heart Before Kate Middleton

Click through to see 13 differences between the two royal couples. Prince William and Kate Middleton became friends back in , when they were students in residence at St. Salvator’s Hall at the University of St. Both dated other people before falling in love with each other in late

After seven years of dating and a small time apart in , Prince William wed Catherine Middleton in front of over 1, people at Westminster Abbey and millions watching worldwide.

Why did Kate Middleton and Prince William get engaged? There are several theories. The media’s story, which talks about a great love story, how they met in school, Kate’s family may or may not have sent her to that university in hopes of snagging William. Kate got her Prince and he finally proposed after dating nearly seven years, since Kate broke up with her ex Rupert in December Oddly enough, Kate did get accepted into a better university–Edinburgh, where her sister Pippa went–but for some reason chose to attend St.

William ran out of excuses to delay the engagement. He did talk about needing motivation and giving Kate a chance to back out translation: Many men these days date women for several years and then settle when nobody “better” comes along, but don’t want to be alone so they have a girlfriend for convenience. The Queen gave him an ultimatum to marry Kate or dump Kate, so he had to propose since she wants William to be stable for the Jubilee and Olympics in , no more of this longtime girlfriend nonsense.

There are many rumours going around right now about Prince Charles.

Why Kate Middleton And Prince William Squat Down To Talk To Their Kids

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Their story is like a fairy tale – the girl who met her prince while she wasn’t even looking. After becoming friends their relationship blossomed and they fell in love. Despite living together before they even started dating, their relationship ran into difficulty and they decided to split up.

Apr 30,  · How did Kate Middleton sink her teeth into Prince William? I watched a Biography of her the other night, and the bio made it seem like she was very calculating in choosing to attend the same college as him, and her mother was a social climber.

Of course you are! It’s always nerve wracking to meet your significant other’s family, but the situation was definitely exacerbated in Kate Middleton’s case. When your boyfriend just happens to be third in line for the British throne, his family might be extra critical of who he chooses to bring home. If you asked Camilla about William’s choice back then, Kate just wasn’t up to snuff. According to the tell-all, Game of Crowns: Christopher Andersen, the book’s author, claims the Duchess of Cornwall thought Kate was “pretty, but rather dim.

William And Kate:A Real Love Story