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Gillian Walters Children who grow up in front of reality television cameras, like Mady and Cara Gosselin, often feel misunderstood. For instance, many people believe the twins are “messed up” thanks to the divorce drama that went down between their parents, Kate and Jon Gosselin. Other fans theorize that they’re brats due to their reality TV income. And now that Mady and Cara aren’t kids anymore, fan interest in their lives is at an all-time peak. The good news is the girls aren’t afraid to speak their minds, which means there is plenty information out there for fans to analyze. So, what doesn’t the world know about Mady and Cara? Here’s the truth about Mady and Cara Gosselin. They’re done with Jon Instagram It’s no secret that Jon is not on great terms with all of his children, a situation that has quite a few explanations. For starters, Jon’s divorce from Kate in June led to a nasty divorce battle, and the kids naturally took sides.

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Where are Jon Gosselin’s parents? Jon Gosselin’s father is deceased. His mom is remarried.

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The couple has been battling over their son Josh Duggar who is accused of being a child molester. Reports indicate that Jim Bob Duggar is ready to accept his son back into the family fold after Bible-based therapy but, like any reasonable mother, Michelle Duggar no longer wants anything to do with the alleged pedophile. The feud over their sexual predator son has led to the couple splitting and a significant divide in their 19 children as the kids take sides in the family drama. Kate Gosselin is facing allegations that she is ruining her children, the magazine reports.

Sources claim that Kate only stayed in the marriage at the time for fame and fortune and is now manipulating her children to echo her allegations against their father. The magazine claims that the talk show host had a meltdown and that her longtime marriage to Portia de Rossi is headed for splitsville. Rumors have circulated the pair for some time now that Ellen DeGeneres is controlling and flirtatious with other women, while Portia has allegedly began dating men again.

Estranged couple Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are rumored to be pregnant with their fourth child. The two are supposed to be headed for divorce but sources tell the magazine that they are now expecting another child. Ben Affleck is rumored to have been attempting to mend fences with Jennifer Garner ever since the two separated and, in light of the pregnancy, it appears that the couple is now reconciling. Internet rumors claim that Matt Lauer is considering leaving the show over his ongoing feud with co-host Billy Bush.

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are divorcing, Kate Gosselin is ruining her children according to ex Jon Gosselin and Ellen DeGeneres’ marriage to Portia de Rossi is in crisis.

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Email Copy Link Copied Celebrities are supposed to be rich. So what happens to their celebrity when they lose all their money? For some, it dwindles altogether.

Kate Gosselin‘s kids are growing up! In less than a week, the mother of eight’s sextuplets — Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Leah and Joel — will turn But no matter how big they get.

Thursday, March 4, ; 2: It’s a big week here in Celebritology. We’ve added Jen Chaney — who many of you may know as our long-time movies editrix and my “Lost” co-blogger — as a full-fledged partner in the blog. Along with that change comes a whole new look and more posts each day. This being Jen’s first week on the blog, she should be here chatting — and will be from next week on — but as we speak she’s flying to Los Angeles ahead of this weekend’s Oscars.

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Bikini clad Kate Gosselin is one hot momma on Mexican getaway It seems that Kate Gosselin is one of those women that just gets better with age. The mother of eight is looking absolutely stunning these days with a body that many women half her age, and with no children, would die for. Kate was pictured yesterday in a teeny bikini relaxing in the sunshine in beautiful Cabo, Mexico. Kate totally rocked her cute two piece, with a purple top and multi coloured bottoms.

Kate works hard to stay in shape, frequenting the gym and jogging whenever her busy schedule permits, and it shows.

When Jon called it quits with Kate, his love life took off in a major way. In fact, Gosselin reportedly dated six women prior to settling down with his longtime girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, in

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October 22, Jon Gosselin’s path to the bottom began many moons ago, and, if today’s news is any indicator, there is still no end in sight. Eviction, after all, does tend to make many bad situations worse. Abandon a kitten on top of it all, and you’re really in trouble.

Kate Gosselin net worth: Kate Gosselin is an American reality television star who has a net worth of $ thousand dollars. As the mother of 8 children, a set of sextuplets and a set of twins.

PIN Jon Gosselin apparently has yet another spicy woman in his life. He and his girlfriend, Ellen Ross, recently got into a brawl at Taco Bell. So incredibly classy, right? But the fact that it was because he thought employees were making fun of him, well, that’s kind of sad. To make matters worse, his woman Ross just can’t seem to let the incident go and has filed a complaint with the company demanding at least one person be fired. Sounds a little bossy and cold Seems like Jon has a bit of a “type.

From her temper tantrum on Dancing With the Stars to reports of her firing help in droves, it’s pretty safe to say Kate and Ellen may be at least cut from the same cloth — I’m thinking Lycra, perhaps? Kate also displayed a little of her icy side on Halloween when reports say she apparently had her bodyguard drive the kids around to trick or treat while she slept in the van.

They were supposedly under strict orders not to wake her. And perhaps most aggressive and bossy in his string of women — Hailey Glassman. Remember how aggressively she went after his manhood after they broke up earlier this year? He was so small I didn’t think he would cheat on me He’s hung like a nine-year-old boy.

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